My Three Furry Children

Thursday, September 27, 2007

So...a little about this blog

First, I'd like to thank Elizabeth Kartchner SOY '07
for her inspiring blog which finally gave me the "kick in
the pants" I needed to start my own Blog.

So you're probably wondering about the photo's of the
Woodchuck (Ground Hog) on the right. She is approximately
a 2 yr old woodchuck that ..are you prepared for this??..yep..
you guessed it..I feed. She showed up last summer ('06)
and we'd spot her hanging around so I decided to put out
left over salad stuff..and eventually carrots. I even witnessed
her chase off another woodchuck trying to eat her treasure!
We live in a cul-de-sac which backs up to Woods.
Apparently, she enjoyed her feedings so much she came back this year.
My first sighting of her was around May/June - she came up
onto the deck as I was looking out. Imagine my surprise!
I couldn't believe how skinny she was. This was with good
reason as we saw one of her babies about a month later -
ready to be off on it's own. This year I kept a steady
supply of carrots, until the point she knew where the
carrots were coming from. I'd open the slider and she'd
look up and instead of running off - would wait for me
to throw them out then proceed to them and start eating.
I was on the deck mid-Summer and managed to get some
photos of her sitting up eating while I was on my deck
- by this time she knew I wasn't going to hurt her and
was a good food source. I was so pleased to have a
comparison photo of her as of mid-Sept '07 showing her
ready for hybernation. She really started packing on
the "pounds" around the last week of August. She's
still out there today eating her carrots and the acorns
on the ground. Oh ..she also feeds under our birdfeeder.
Soon she will be hybernating and I'll have to wait til
Spring hoping to see her again. Another positive note -
she is not destroying any lawns in this development -
we believe her den is under one of the 3 season rooms
in a neighboring home.

I have much more to post on this blog..I am a Stampin' Up
Demonstrator with Lots of cards to share. Stampin' UP! is
one of the BEST companies I've ever come to know. I've
been stamping since the 1980's. My first introduction to
Stampin' Up was in 1998. I didn't become a demonstrator
until Aug. '05. I swear by SplitCoastStampers for ideas
and as a great resource of tutorials. I reorganized my
craft/office last year with cabinets from bestscrapbookshelf
and they've posted the photos of my room on their website.
These cabinets are the Best!!

I love animals, especially Cats, as you can see by the Gallery
of my three furry children. I have many more photos to post so
please come back often!

I'd love to see your comments, so feel free to leave me any
suggestions you may have!

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